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How to unstick old wooden windows (& when to just replace them!)

Although wooden windows are not without their charm, years of weather exposure can cause them to shrink, expand, and warp. Too much can even cause them to stick, making them… Read more

Can you paint a uPVC front door a new colour?

A uPVC front door is a reliable option for any home. They are a popular choice amongst homeowners, which is a testament to their effectiveness as an entrance door. Here… Read more

Here are the top 5 small Victorian terrace renovations

With our HQ in Filton, Associated Windows has deep ties to Bristol and the surrounding areas. We regularly assist customers in areas with Victorian terraced homes, such as Redland, with… Read more

What material is best for roof lanterns? Aluminium vs uPVC

Roof lanterns are typically found upon orangeries or flat roof structures, providing homes with a stylish focal point whilst significantly brightening up interiors. Available in either uPVC or aluminium, there… Read more

7 things you must ask in a conservatory showroom in Bristol!

If you’ve been searching for ‘conservatories Bristol’, chances are you’ve probably thought about visiting a showroom first. This is an excellent idea because the information you can gather here will… Read more

What’s the difference between an orangery and an extension?

Orangeries combine elements of a conservatory with a traditional extension. They feature brick pillars so resemble an extension in this way. Unlike an extension which has a flat or tiled… Read more